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Awareness Training

These sessions are facilitated and run by our Specialist Practitioner, Sara Heath, who has extensive experience in the education, support and employment of people with Asperger's syndrome and autism with talks from ďlived experienceĒ members of the Autonomy self-help group. We have run sessions for the YMCA, YSS, Housing Associations, schools, colleges, care homes and will be happy to travel to your venue.

Please contact Sara or Eric at or on (01743) 821 363, for details and price list or download our AutonomyPlus+ Training brochure here:

Autonomy Plus Brochure

Topics available:

Introduction to Asperger Syndrome

A full day session which includes an introduction to the condition, with talks by Musician, Eric and Computer Wizard, Darren who speak from a personal perspective of living with Asperger syndrome then a Strategies or Improving Professional Practice session.
We have no sessions booked as Shropshire Council are presently reviewing their staff training needs.

Voices of Women with Asperger Syndrome

A half day session which explores the unique challenges of Asperger syndrome in women, with talks from lived experience trainers, Hannah, Sam and Naomi. We also discuss mental health issues and the perceived differences between men and women with the condition. We have no sessions booked as Shropshire Council are presently reviewing their staff training needs.

Asperger Syndrome and Mental Health, Diagnosis or Misdiagnosis?

A half day session which explores the links and similarities between Asperger syndrome and other mental health conditions, with Sara Heath. We have no sessions booked as Shropshire Council are presently reviewing their staff training needs.

Also available are sessions on

Recognising and Understanding Autism and/or Asperger Syndrome

Asperger Syndrome and Education

Asperger Syndrome and Employment

Asperger Syndrome and Relationships

Asperger Syndrome and Criminal Justice

Asperger Syndrome and Physical Health

Mentoring and Coaching people with Asperger Syndrome

We can also develop bespoke training sessions for the specific needs of your organisation like our recent session for the Forum of Counsellors and Pychotherapists. Please contact us at for details and prices

AutonomyPlus+, Pre-diagnostic Support and Advice, Coaching/Mentoring and Help to Access Welfare Benefits

A social enterprise, AutonomyPlus+ offers a range of charged-for services at reasonable rates which help fund Autonomy activities.

Advice and Consultancy

Working with people with Asperger syndrome is rewarding but can also be challenging; AutonomyPlus+ Specialist Practitioner, Sara Heath, M Ed, Cert Ed, Adv Cert can offer 1-1 or small group advice, support, problem solving, forensics or solution focussed sessions. (* Fees available on request.)

Help towards a diagnosis of autism, Asperger syndrome and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

As featured in Very Late Diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome (ASD), by Philip Wylie, JKP, 2014, Sara is aware that it can often be frustrating, difficult or expensive for an adult to gain a medical diagnosis of autism, Asperger syndrome and/or ADHD due to a lack of insight or understanding of the conditions from many health care professionals. Sara Heath, Autonomyís well trusted Specialist Practitioner, can facilitate this process through her extensive experience of working with over 300 clients with Asperger syndrome and supporting over 90 people through the diagnostic process. Sara will assess you and will provide you with an in-depth, comprehensive, non medical, pre-diagnostic assessment of autism, Asperger syndrome, and/or ADHD with a written report for your doctor or health professional if required, or a comprehensive personalised report of your condition if you prefer not to proceed with a medical diagnosis. Due to her extensive experience, Sara is also able to recognise the often hidden traits of the very late diagnosed especially women with Asperger's syndrome who find it more difficult to gain a diagnosis. (*Fees available on request.) Sara can also assess children with the conditions.

Post diagnostic support and advice

AutonomyPlus+ can also support you, your parents/carers/partner/family if you have recently been diagnosed with autism, Aspergerís syndrome or ADHD as a child, a young person or in adulthood and wish to know more about the condition. We can provide professional advice and also mentoring and support from others with Asperger syndrome.(* Fees available on request.)

Please contact Sara or Eric at or on (01743) 821 363, for details and price list or download our AutonomyPlus+ Consultancy Brochure here:

Autonomy Plus Brochure


It is often helpful to receive advice from a person who understands Aspergerís syndrome from a personal perspective, especially if you think you may have autism or have recently been diagnosed. AutonomyPlus+ can provide 1-1 or small group mentoring and also support from people with Aspergerís syndrome for an hourly rate. Aspergerís specific coaching can also be offered from a specialist worker. (* Fees available on request.)

Support with claiming benefits

Many people with autism and Aspergerís syndrome could be eligible for benefits but do not have the skills and knowledge necessary to access them. The benefits forms are often complex and their questions do not always reflect the needs of people with autism and Aspergerís syndrome.

AutonomyPlus+ can provide autism and Aspergerís specific advice and support on completing child Disability Living Allowance (DLA) forms, and Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) forms for adults including the Limited Capability for Work form. We may also be able to support you to attend the Work Capability or PIP Face-to-Face Assessments. AutonomyPlus+ can also provide autism or Aspergerís specific written reports and has a high success rate for tribunals and appeals against a PIP, ESA or DLA decision.
(* Fees available on request Ė social tariff can be negotiated.)

Please contact us at for more details

Autonomy is part of Shropshire Autistic Supporters (charity number: 1072404)

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