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Please note this page is supplied as a service to autonomy users to let them know of businesses. However all links on this page are external links, autonomy has no control over the content on the linked sites or the quality of work the businesses do, if you decide to do business with any of these companies autonomy cannot be held liable in any way for the work they do.

Link IconAxiam PC Repair

Axiam is a computer repair business in Ludlow run by Darren, one of our members, web admin and Autonomy Plus trainers

01584 873 528

Link IconWits End Wizardy

Web design organisation run by people with Asperger's in Worcester.

01905 571071

Link IconSimon Taylor Electronics

Simon Taylor runs an electronics repair business in Shropshire

Link IconPlenty Wenlock

Eric Heath runs Plenty Wenlock records for his music releases.

Link IconVictoria Clinton Fine Art

Victoria Clinton fine art is run by Victoria Clinton - from her website -

Link IconSamuel Cooper Music

Sam Cooper performs various songs, and has wrote a few albums, he also provides guitar lessons.

Link IconHigh Road CV's

Thomas Vaughan offers quality, bespoke CV writing services at affordable prices.


Link Icon3D Art Creations

Steven Taylor produces 3D art creations.

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