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Please note this page is supplied as a service to autonomy users to let them know of support available. However all links on this page are external links, autonomy has no control over the content on the linked sites, and also if you decide to approach any of these for support autonomy cannot be held liable in any way for the services they offer or work they do.

Link IconDIG Aspergers

DIG Asperger's is a Drop In Group (DIG) for people with Asperger's in and around Ludlow and South Shropshire. They meet once a week in Appletree Theatre on a Thursday from 5pm to 9pm.

Link IconShropshire Autistic Supporters

Link IconNational Autistic Society

lots of resources on autism and Asperger's syndrome

Link IconSTACS - Shropshire and Telford Asperger's Carer's Support

Our local support group for parents, carers and partners of Asperger's people.

Link IconASPIE in Worcester

Aspie - Asperger's into everything drop in centre in Worcester. 1-9pm every Wednesday.

01905 27825

Link IconAutism West Midlands

Has useful downloads section and also runs Criminal Justice Forum of Interest.

0121 450


The Telford Asperger's Drop-In (ADI) 10:30-12:30am on a Thursday and 10:30am -2:30pm on a Friday from please contact

Telford Carers Support is available from Louise Griffiths


Link IconAQ Test

Do you want to know if you might have autism? Take the Autism Quotient (AQ) test with this link and see if you are scoring in the autism range. Honest answers only please!

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